Amazon Selling Strategies to Get You Started Now

Too many people are scared to take on, or won’t even look at, selling on Amazon as a new way to do business. Before I go any further, let’s start here: Amazon is not going to steal your items.Amazon buys certain items from me, and their employees pick it up at the factory in China. The items go from “mine” to “Amazon’s” as they cross the threshold of the dock doors and into the container.If Amazon doesn’t pull the run-around in that situation, they are not going to do it to you.The two most common reasons I run into (sans paranoia) for not jumping into selling on Amazon are 1) lack of time and 2) channel conflict (i.e. creating a channel that leads to pricing problems across all other distribution channels).Amazon is viewed as too overwhelming with the kicker that it could disrupt existing ecommerce or traditional sales channels.


This is ludicrous, of course.

As expansive as the Amazon ecosystem is, the decision to sell on Amazon doesn’t have to be an all or nothing choice. This same logic would have prevented Columbus from setting sail because he wouldn’t have time to map the entire world. True, Amazon can be a lot of work, but do it right and it’s clear sailing.It’s also worth mentioning that if your brand is of any decent size, the reality is that someone will be selling your brand on Amazon anyway. The question for most brands is not whether they will have an Amazon presence, but rather what sort of presence will they have to protect their brand.

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So, let’s dive into your options.

Cost and Time Effective Strategies to Start Selling on Amazon

Dip In Just Your Toe

No one says you have to offer all your products on Amazon. Familiarize yourself with Amazon by just putting up a few products to start.

Putting up a few products at the get-go allows you to learn some of the administrative processes so you can ultimately streamline or eliminate them. It is likely you are coordinating Amazon with outside systems, training people for these new activities or going through an Amazon specific process for the first time. Give yourself a chance to be successful by understanding what you are doing before you try to improve it.

For anyone still not sold on diversifying to Amazon, remember this: the reality is that your competitors are already selling on Amazon.

How do you make sure your brand is part of the Amazon customer consideration set? If you’re not there, your competitors are eating up Amazon customer demand –– more than 200MM active customers and over $100B of sales annually.

It’s worth it to have even a few products on there as an additional sales channel.


Reinvent Your Brand for Amazon

If conflict and time are a concern, another strategy is to sell your products under a new brand name. They can be the identical items, bundles or variations available only on Amazon.

This allows you to gain access to Amazon’s huge customer base and try different prices or packages without affecting your standard products and established brand. Plus, you can put up these items without worrying about how it affects your entire catalog, which should speed up any internal approval process.

“Amazon Only” brands give you new freedoms to cater to specific markets and is an excellent way to test for new products.

** Contact us at  or  feel free to add tylerharrisvip on Skype for a quick chat to increase sell on amazon **

Make Others Do the Work

Expedited shipping, feedback, ratings, optimization and sponsored search are often new frontiers to your business. These are all legitimate and demand a new Amazon seller’s attention, but wonderfully there are many solutions to these problems.

Outsourcing these activities that are highly unlikely to be your strength is not only affordable but also quite effective. Thousands of Amazon professionals are available for $3-$10 per hour. In the same way, Amazon lets you outsource the promotion and customer acquisition of your products, services like Freeeup, Upwork and Lancer let you outsource the activities that are unique to the Amazon marketplace.

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** Contact us at  or  feel free to add tylerharrisvip on Skype for a quick chat to increase sell on amazon**


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